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The War Criminal Next Door

May 30, 2011 By: NCVeditor Category: Culture, Current Events, Politics, Zachary Gallant

Serbian Demonization Sets Back Liberalization Process

by Zachary Gallant

“He doesn’t look like a war criminal…”

“What does a war criminal look like?”

“Y’know, angry, dead inside, crazy eyes — this guy looks like a folk singer or a farmer…”

I wish I were merely fabricating this conversation to build a straw man of ineptitude on human rights issues. The lesson of “the war criminal next door” has been taught and learned time and again, most recently with the Hungarian concentration camp supervisor living undetected for 50 years in middle America extradited months ago. But this was an actual quote from a very intelligent colleague, and the sentiment was echoed throughout friends and family in the past 3 days. (more…)