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As a collective of authors, activists, scholars, and practitioners concerned about social justice and environmental resilience, our intention here is to help facilitate a non-commercial “intellectual commons” for the development of innovative solutions to the myriad problems before us. In creating this commons, we welcome original content as well as republications from established sites and blogs. We ask that you keep submissions at 1500-2000 words maximum if possible, and that you strive to stay close to the themes of this site — namely being positive, productive, peaceful, and proactive. That said, we don’t want you to avoid being critical, but simply that you do so in a constructive manner.

In 2012, we launched two new series, Student Spotlight (featuring writings by students and youth) and Community Corner (featuring writings by community activists and local organizers). If your work potentially fits into either of these series, let us know that in your submission. We also welcome Book and Media Reviews on new texts that fit with our themes and vision.

Please send your articles, essays, reports, and book reviews to: ncv(at)newclearvision(dot)com. We will strive to reply to all submissions in a timely manner. And please share this site with your friends, contacts, and lists!

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