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In a rapidly changing world where many of life’s essentials are increasingly compromised, it helps to know that people are thinking as much about where things might go as they are about what’s gone wrong. A critical perspective on the so-called “dominant paradigm” is crucial, yet so is a constructive take on politics, ecology, economy, community, family, culture, and current events.

We strive here to advance a multiplicity of views on what people are standing for, rather than merely highlighting what they’re against. Eminently literate and pragmatically provocative, New Clear Vision brings you stellar original content and the best of the positive blogosphere.

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see.”

— Theodore Roethke

NCV » ‘Critical, Yet Constructive’

The world is at a crossroads, and much of the news is bad. But that’s as much a matter of our willing perception as it is a construct of the mass media. While undoubtedly many of the major issues of the day — from politics and culture to economics and climate — are seemingly in a downward spiral, it’s also true that this is a time of great innovation, community-building, and creative visioning. We respect the critical perspective that aims to deconstruct the challenges before us, yet also acknowledge that without an equal emphasis on the constructive potentials in our midst, pure critique can foster pessimism and become disempowering.

Here at NCV, our aim is to highlight the positive actions and emerging visions, from local efforts to global initiatives. But in the process we do not want to sacrifice literate prose and intelligent intervention. This is not a self-help site, nor is it meant to replace critical inquiry with wishful thinking. Instead, we will strive to combine the best qualities of the progressive media with the grounded idealism that often gets lost in the shuffle of the ceaseless news cycle. The overall intention is nothing less than fostering a “paradigm shift” from a world of despoliation, domination, and despair to one of resilience, realignment, and rejuvenation. Or something like that!

This is our promise to you: innovation, inspiration, and intellection. In other words, we seek to contribute something useful to incite your actions and arouse your intellect. It’s a daunting task, yet one that we believe is urgently needed. But hey, if you’re here right now, you probably already knew that! As such, it’s our pleasure to welcome you to the journey, and we invite you to continue helping us to cultivate this new clear vision

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    Since launching in 2010, we featured many inspiring writers on cutting-edge issues. In times of escalating crises, we sought to remain proactive rather than perpetually reactive, to not give more power to those who would co-opt the agenda, and to try turning visions in practice. We can critique what is and offer insights into what could be, without becoming embittered in the process. We weren't partisan, but we'll always stand on the side of those who desire peace with justice. We're not posting anymore new content as of 2017, but our archive will remain up and you can still find us on social media. We'll see you in the interwebs...
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