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January 01, 2013 By: NCVeditor Category: Community, Culture, Current Events

Reflections on Two Years (and Counting) of New Clear Vision

With the passage of another year, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on what was and project toward what might be. Undoubtedly, for most of the planet’s inhabitants, 2012 will be remembered as a year where the stakes got higher and the cause for alarm grew louder.

Around the world, we are seeing mass movements for change, yet also mass complacency as the issues before us grow more complex and the elite decision-makers more remote in their processes and politics.

Here at New Clear Vision, we try to help make sense of these tidings by bringing forth incisive analysis of the news of the day, all wrapped with our usual penchant for highlighting solution-oriented perspectives and cultivating a sense of grounded optimism for the future. We are under no illusions that the road ahead will be easy, nor that hopefulness alone will somehow turn things around. Rather, we take the view that positive change is more likely to occur when people are motivated toward something instead of being in retreat or apathy.

In this sense, our regular contributors and guest authors share a basic understanding about the power and utility of combining critical analysis with constructive synthesis. Indeed, it is the union of both that strengthens each; the best strategies and visions for change are oftentimes precisely those that contest the ravages of the present while modeling what a better world could be like at the same time. This is our unique contribution to the ever-expanding blogosphere, and we are so grateful for your participation.

And we do consider you a participant in this project. If you read our articles, share them with friends, comment on them, contribute your own, or offer suggestions on how we might continue to evolve, you are a full participant. At NCV, we do not consider blogging to be a spectator sport; it takes a community to create meaning and traverse the gap from words on a page to actions in the world. Wherever you are in this constellation of engagement with NCV, we appreciate it and invite you to do more if you are so inclined.

The one thing we will not ask you for is money. Yes, we know that sounds weird in today’s world! Sadly it is “weird” not to ask people for money or to be selling anything. It does take a small sum of money to manage this site, but it’s minimal in the grand scheme of things and not something that readers looking for constructive commentary in a sea of negativism should be worrying about. Here at NCV we are strictly non-commercial — no ads, no banners, no solicitations, no monetizations. About the most you’ll ever see from us in this regard is some very soft promotion of books written by our collective of stellar authors — who all share their talents sans remuneration — in the form of a link here or there so you can learn more about their work. Our intention here is to contribute to the proverbial “marketplace of ideas,” not to the global marketplace of buying and selling that is pushing things to the brink. “Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace.” — Mother Teresa

Finally, a brief note about the future of NCV. Each year we try to add something new to the mix. This past year, we added a number of new contributors; nodes for book reviews, community insights, and student/youth essays; and greater overall functionality of the site (including “related posts” and page caching for faster loading). For 2013, we are working to launch an NCV podcast, featuring interview segments with our authors on the cutting-edge issues of the day. We will also be amping up our YouTube channel with more content, including perhaps original programming arising out of the interviews as time and resources permit.

As always, we are excited about the possibilities for the future, in the belief that crisis and opportunity are inextricably interlinked phenomena. As we navigate the path from the former to the latter, you can count on NCV to continue bringing you the constructive commentary you have come to expect from us. We honor your presence here, and wish you all a positive and peaceful new year…

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