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constructive commentary for the chronically farsighted


We regularly offer a “featured video” clip that addresses our primary themes of being positive yet critical, proactive not reactive, solution-oriented rather than merely problem-centered, and interested in deepening an understanding of how we might turn crises into opportunities. To submit a video for our consideration, send us the link by email hereYou can also visit our YouTube Channel for more NCV video selections.

The following is an archive of some of our favorite short videos:


A Just World: The Commons

A Realistic Vision for World Peace

Acequia (Colores; KNME)

American Horror: Guns Kill

Antinuclear in India (V. Shiva)

Anti-War Rally: Libya-Iraq-Afgh.


Bending the Arc of the Universe

Black Panther Party Video (1968)

Bolivian Community Watershed


Classroom in Bloom

Climate Change (animated)

Climate Change: Act Now!

Climate Change: It’s Up to Us!

Community-Based Health Care


David Rovics: The Commons

Declaration of Supercedence

Designing for Generosity

Detroit: Brother Nature Farm

Detroit: Urban Agriculture Rises

Don’t Get Me Started (live)

Duck and Cover (1951)


Earth: Our Only Home

Egypt: We Will Not be Silenced

End Violence Against Women

Enigma: Beyond the Invisible

Environmental Justice


Freedom Ride Inspires Change

Free Pancho!

Frontiers of Racism: Immigration


Gandhi: “The Unseen Power”

Generation Why: Homeless Youth

Give Peace a Chance (original)

GOOD: Bike Sharing Programs

Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

Grassroots Alternative Economies

Gratitude (subtitulado)

Green Justice Coalition (Español)


Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Healing Justice, Transforming Lives

Here Comes the Sun (solar energy)

Honor the Earth

Human Rights (animated)


I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore (P. Ochs)

I Still Believe (Frank Turner)

“I’m Part of the 99 Percent”

India: Wealth, Culture, and Poverty

Insane Cost of War

Islam, Nonviolence, and Dr. King

Israel-Palestine: Is Peace Possible?

Israel-Palestine Peace Message


Japan Solidarity (Bolivian Folk)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Indigos)


King: Opposed to War in Vietnam


La Vía Campesina

Latino Farmers in New Orleans

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Libyan Youth Movement


MLK: Struggling Not to Lose Him

Moby: Study War No More

Mumia: If MLK Was Alive Today…


Nature (images and music)

Nature, Beauty, Gratitude (TED)

Neighborhoods in Action

Neurons and Civilization (TED)

Nonviolence, Most Powerful

North African Freedom (3/11)


Oakland Commune (Occupy Oakland)

Occupy Declaration Ditty

Occupy Oakland Activist “PANCHO”

Occupy the Hood (Philly)

Occupy the USA (Emma’s Rev!)

Outrospection and Empathy


Palestine-Israel Peace Montage

Paul Sprawl: “Refugee”

Peace and the Public Life

Peace: Challenges & Opportunities

Peace Ecology as a Path to Security

Personal Is Political

Philosophy of Tearing Art

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Poetry of the Earth

Power in the Union

Power to the People (montage)

Praying for the Peaks (AZ)

Prison-Industrial Complex (Mumia)

Protecting the Sacred (AZ)


Quran: The Accidental Theologist


Race and Environmental Justice

Radiation Blues (Hans Olson)

Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

Reforming Public Education (RSA)

Religion and Climate Change

Remembering the Drum Major

Repairing the Brokenness

Repudiate Violence, Promote Peace

Revolution in Egypt, 2011

Rewriting the Constitution

Rumi: Out Beyond Ideas…


San Francisco General Strike (1934)

Shopocalypse: Wake Up, America!

Small-scale Food: Growing Power

SOIL: Sustaining Health in Haiti

Solidarity Economy

Solidarity Forever (Pete Seeger)

Solidarity with the Egyptian People

Subconscious War

Sustainability: A Primer


The Arc of the Moral Universe

The Commons (animated)

The Economics of Happiness

The Earth is Alive, Beautiful

The Military Industrial Complex

The Poetry of Science

The Superior Human?

They Paved Paradise

Thoughts from Within


Univ. Declaration of Human Rights

Underground … with Mark Rudd


Vietnam Women’s Union

Violence, Insecurity, Immigration

Voices for Creative Nonviolence


Wangari Maathai: Resource Conflict

War Is a Racket…

War/No More Trouble (PfC)

Water is a Human Right!

Whither the Antiwar Movement?

Without Struggle There Is Nothing

Women of Peace and Hope

Women Workers: Bread & Roses


X: “Wake Up, Clean Up, Stand Up”


You Can’t Blame the Youth

Youth and Food Justice (2007)


Zapatistas: A John Ross Interview

Zapotec Women’s Cooperative


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