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Students Help Make the Change

September 14, 2011 By: NCVeditor Category: Austin Tye, Culture, Ecology

Environmental Activism on Apathetic College Campuses

by Austin Tye

Editor’s note: We asked a student leader, “Is there a clear, stronger trend toward more environmentally conscious behavior by students? If not, why? Why is there substantial apathy about the low-intensity war on the students’ planet, compared to the 1960s generation’s concern about social injustice?” It is a given that there is no militant movement visible today. At Berkeley (the university community that originated the Free Speech and antiwar movements) most students believe political activism is about holding a student-government office for decorating their resumés. — Jan Lunberg (editor, Culture Change)

Austin’s response: Although many colleges and universities are seeing pockets of environmental change, there is not a clear trend toward large groups of students becoming more environmentally conscious. So what is holding us back? (more…)